Have a roof inspection at least twice a year.

Commercial roof inspections are very important in maintaining your roof. Even roofs as young as two years old should have regular semi-annual inspections. Detecting problems early will reduce your repair costs and extend the life of your roof.  So, if it is your job to maintain the roof at your company, remember "Murphy's Laws For Roofs"

  1. The first leak in a building will be in your boss's office.
  2. If you don't fix the leak in your boss's office the next leak to occur will be in his boss's office.
  3. The Chairman of the Board's office will leak just after it was decorated.
  4. The parapet wall cap that hasn't been inspected, just dropped a brick on the President's car.
  5. The roof that has never leaked will start leaking on the first day of a forty-day rain.
  6. That old empty warehouse you just filled up with finished goods is now leaking.

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