Sealants & Roofing Maintenance

The primary area of maintenance is the sealants on the roofing system. All pitch pan fillers, caulking, and sealants must be examined during all regular inspections. Sealants are a major item in any maintenance program due to the extreme stresses created in these areas. Sealants are susceptible to cracking, pulling away from the walls or other surfaces, and splitting. Sealant replacement should take place at the first sign of deterioration.

The Right roofing sealant for your roofing system

Sealants for sealing leaks in and around asphalt built-up roofs, joints, chimney cracks, skylights, vents, downspouts and gutters should be chosen to work with the specific characteristics of your particular roofing system.  This and other concerns can be addressed by one of our commercial roofing inspectors during your roofing inspection.