Building Structure

The condition of the interior and exterior of the building structure should be visually checked during your regularly scheduled inspections.  Defects within a structure can affect the roofing system because of the interactions between the structure and the roofing system.

Building Structure: Interior

If a drop ceiling is present, the interior can be viewed by removing ceiling tiles.  The walls should be viewed for settling, cracking or movement.  The decking should not be rusted (if metal) or deteriorating (if wood).  A concrete deck should be checked for spalling, cracking and/or distortion of the deck to reveal possible structural defects.  Any or all of these items can affect the roofing system because of the stresses revealed.  Contact Charter Roofing & Waterproofing for an evaluation when encountering any of these items.

Building Structure:  Exterior

The exterior of the structure should be inspected for open mortar joints, poor laps in siding, concrete spalling, loose fascia or general degradation.  Any of these items will allow water and moisture penetration, which may affect the longevity of the roofing system, and the structure itself.  New water stains on exterior walls may indicate that the coping or other terminations are leaking.