Let Charter handle your buildings coating needs

Elastomeric coatings for tough waterproofing applications

We can restore your deck to it’s original new look by patching and coating. The elastomeric coating systems we apply have been designed as waterproof, wear resistant, nonskid systems for parking decks, mechanical rooms, stadium bleachers, balconies and other areas requiring a durable coating system. Charter’s elastomeric deck treatments can waterproof concrete slabs and protect occupied areas underneath from water damage. The elastomeric coating we apply will also reduce the oxygen supply that supports corrosion. Additionally, these Systems will assist in protecting the concrete from water damage, deicing salts, chemicals, gasoline, oils and antifreeze.

Elastomeric coatings provide a highly durable coating system

Our deck coatings are characterized by tenacious adhesion, extreme impact and abrasion resistance…and remarkable chemical stability. The elastic properties of the coatings components enable the complete assembly to give and work with the concrete slab, bridging shrinkage cracks. Our treatments have UL 790 Class A Fire Ratings.