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The Sprayed-On Polyurethane Liner for Commercial Secondary Containment Applications

Charter proudly introduces our Industrial Coating, an industrial 1/16th inch thick (62.5 mils) or more, sprayed-on polyurethane seamless lining. Recently one of the most popular applications with the extraordinary product is, providing solutions to failing secondary containment berms for tank batteries, and eliminating ground contamination risk.

This durable product withstands liquid spills of a seemingly endless list; including crude oil, brine, produced water, mud, chemicals, etc. Liners can be spray applied over dirt, concrete, wood, metals, and most other surfaces. Moreover, sprayed applications conform to applied substrates, eliminating seams, and resulting in the best and most cost-effective secondary containment solution available. Colors are tailored to meet desired needs. Once installed, a coated containment berm is 100% non-permeable, safe, non-hazardous and capable of simple disposal.

Rid costly headaches from your routine that offer only short-term solutions. To learn more about the vast possibilities of our applications from a service technician, call Charter Industrial Coatings now (713) 991-7750, toll-free (800) 334-8826, or contact us

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