Expert Engineering Enables Long-Lasting, Money-Saving Performance

Smart, coordinated engineering and design is not only the essential enabler for the other Es of High-Performance Roofing, it is the key to what the Department of Energy calls whole-building design, which integrates all the subsystems and parts of the building to work more effectively together from cradle to cradle.

Stringent measures help ensure that the highest level of quality control is implemented throughout the manufacturing process. From raw material selection to job site delivery, at least 14 different Duro-Last personnel inspect, evaluate, and qualify the materials and processes that are used to produce the Cool Zone roofing system.

Every Cool Zone roof is engineered as a completely integrated system, prefabricated to the exact measurements of each building. Not only is up to 85 percent of membrane seaming completed in a factory-controlled environment, roof stacks, flashings, and edge details are also completed at the factory and shipped to the building site as part of the complete roofing system. The few remaining seams are then hot-air welded on-site by an approved contractor and inspected by a Duro-Last technical representative before a warranty is issued.

Thanks to the precision fabrication of the Cool Zone roofing system, installation is much faster and less disruptive than for a typical roll-goods roof. The installation process is quiet, with no noxious fumes or flames, so building occupants can continue with their regular routines.