About Charter Roofing & Waterproofing

Commercial Roofing Contractor With Experience

We could be the last commercial roofing contractor you ever have to call.

A roof leak can cause severe problems in any commercial building, that is why you need the most dependable commercial roofing contractor in Houston. Charter Roofing & Waterproofing has built a solid reputation over the last 50+ years as a commercial roofing contractor that takes great pride in being one of the most trusted building envelope specialists in Texas and across the country. From initial roof inspection to completion of work, you can be assured that quality, competitive cost, excellent value and customer satisfaction are our primary concerns.

Commercial roofing contractor serving Texas and across the country.

We are able to take on projects that the average commercial roofing contractor can't. We have completed commercial roofing installations and roofing repairs in cities across Texas as well as being called across the country to complete specialized commercial roofing and waterproofing installations in Louisiana , Florida, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, Wyoming, Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas, and Missouri just to name a few.

50+ Year Track Record

Charter's exemplary record of pleasing customers for over 50 years is proof of our established customer relationships. Our due diligence practices will continue to be an important component in our goal of achieving complete customer satisfaction. To learn more about all our services please call (800) 334-8826, or contact us.