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30 November 2007 / News

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At Charter Commercial Roofing, our dedication is to provide you with the best information regarding the options and choices available for your commercial roofing needs. One of the fastest growing areas of technology and innovation in the commercial roofing industry is in the area of energy efficiency. It is a matter of dollars and cents. Lower energy costs put money back in your pocket and help you to do your part environmentally.

Integrating ENERGY STAR into your on-going and future commercial roofing and building management programs is one way to help outline goals and strategies for greater energy efficiency. Energy Star provides tools and resources that encourage continuous improvement and the whole building approach to energy upgrades.  Here are a few starters for understanding the Energy Star program.

  • Assess and improve building energy performance by rating buildings, making a financial case for energy efficiency, prioritizing upgrades, and tracking energy performance over time.
  • Provide building owners and managers with easy-to-use, freely available tools and the Guidelines for Energy Management to help them accomplish energy savings goals.
  • Expedite the decision making process for funding considerations and prioritize building upgrade recipients.
  • Increase the general understanding of current energy use through energy benchmarking and promote the adoption of activities that save energy and money in your region.
  • Raise the profile of your organization's energy activities by using the ENERGY STAR name and logo and reach out to individual building owners, local governments and other organizations.
  • Conduct or sponsor training and education programs that introduce energy efficiency tools, technology, and management strategies.v

    - Use on-line trainings to tutor clients in ENERGY STAR tools.
    - Customize ENERGY STAR presentations for client meetings.
    - Offer conferences, workshops and training sessions to present continuous improvement strategies through ENERGY STAR.

  • Work with local networks of architects, engineers, and building owners to sponsor a training, workshop or conference.
  • Use ENERGY STAR to set energy performance improvement goals.

Here is a link to view more complete information regarding the Energy Star Program.